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Welcome to the National Hunter/Jumper Council’s website! The NHJC is the official hunter/jumper discipline organization of USA Equestrian. As such, the NHJC represents the interests of USA Equestrian members involved in hunter/jumper activities. For many years the USDF and the USCTA have represented dressage and combined training riders respectively. Until the formation of the NHJC in mid-1996, hunter/jumper exhibitors lacked specific representation under the USA Equestrian umbrella. Now, hunter/jumper enthusiasts of all levels are represented on a national level and at regional levels. Our mission is to be the official national discipline organization for all hunter/jumper competitors, horse shows and organizations in the United States.

A 38-member Board of Governors directs the NHJC. Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the 12 USA Equestrian hunter/jumper zones, eight active athletes, and the Chairmen of six USA Equestrian Discipline Committees-Hunter, Jumper, Junior Hunter, Hunter/Jumper Pony, Equitation and Hunter Breeding-make up the Board.

Our Goals

· To reach all levels of hunter/jumper exhibitors and hunter/jumper organizations
· To be responsive to hunter/jumper interests geographically
· To provide input to USA Equestrian Standing Committees and USA Equestrian Discipline Committees
· To give each of the 12 zones more autonomy to develop programs and activities for their members
· To provide education at all levels
· To market and promote hunter/jumper activities
· To communicate to hunter/jumper enthusiasts through a variety of methods

Look through our website! Some of the information you will find includes:

· Details about the NHJC
· Current issues and articles pertaining to our hunter/jumper sport
· Information about each of the 12 zones and their activities
· Important dates
· Late breaking news
· Information you can download
· Frequently asked questions
· NHJC merchandise you can purchase
· E-mail questions for a timely response

We welcome your input since the NHJC website is for hunter/jumper enthusiasts around the country!