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NHJC – Board of Governors


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The National Hunter/Jumper Council is the official hunter/jumper discipline organization of USA Equestrian. As such, the NHJC represents the interests of USA Equestrian members involved in hunter/jumper activities. Our mission is to be the official national discipline organization for all hunter/jumper competitors, horse shows and organizations in the United States.

NHJC – Board of Governors

The 38 members listed below sit on the NHJC Board of Governors for 2002.

Beth Miner, Vice President Zone 6
Carol Molony, Secretary Zone 1
John Rush, Treasurer Zone 4
Joe Dotoli Zone 1
Susan Schoellkopf Zone 2
Raymond Francis Zone 2
Gary Baker Zone 3
Ken Krome Zone 3
Sue Ashe Zone 4
Debbie Bass Zone 5
Jeff Wirthman Zone 5
Louise Otten Zone 6
Bill Whisenant Zone 7
Mike Christian Zone 7
Betty Weber Zone 8
Wilson Dennehy Zone 8
Dianne Johnson Zone 9
John Turner Zone 9
Paul Gagnon Zone 11
Sally White Zone 11
Dana Eaton Zone 12
Bill Turner Zone 12
Betty Oare USA Equestrian Hunter Breeding Committee
Louise Serio USA Equestrian Hunter Committee
Bill Moroney USA Equestrian Hunter/Jumper Pony Committee
Mary Chapot USA Equestrian Hunter Seat Equitation Committee
Linda Allen USA Equestrian Jumper Committee
Donald E. Stewart, Jr. USA Equestrian Junior Hunter Committee
Leslie Burr-Howard Active Athlete
Richard Fellers Active Athlete
Margie Goldstein-Engle Active Athlete
Lauren Hough Active Athlete
Candice King Active Athlete
Robert Ridland Active Athlete
Schuyler Riley Active Athlete
Gabriela Salick Active Athlete

NHJC – Committees

Governing the National Hunter/Jumper Council

A 38 member Board of Governors directs the NHJC. In order to represent all regions of the country, each of the 12 USA Equestrian hunter/jumper zones is represented by its chairman and vice-chairman. These 24 members, plus the chairmen of the six USA Equestrian discipline committees, and eight active athletes form the NHJC Board of Governors. The six hunter/jumper discipline committees are Hunter, Jumper, Hunt Seat Equitation, Junior Hunter, Hunter/Jumper Pony and Hunter Breeding. By combining leadership from the zone representatives, who come from all regions of the country, with experts from each of the discipline committees, hunter/jumper interests are well represented.

The Board of Governors meets in person during the annual NHJC Convention held in early January in conjunction with the USA Equestrian Annual Meeting. All hunter/jumper members are invited to attend the convention which features meetings, open forums, seminars and social events. The convention is a great time to meet others who share similar interests from throughout the country.

In addition to the convention, the Board of Governors conducts monthly conference calls to handle the business and administration of the NHJC and to stay abreast of important issues affecting the hunter/jumper sport in the United States. The NHJC has a variety of committees, generally comprised of a representative from each zone. These committees address a certain issue or function and then report to the Board of Governors.

NHJC Steward’s Section

Welcome to the National Hunter/Jumper Council’s Steward’s Section of our website. This section is accessible only to USA Equestrian licensed hunter/jumper stewards (Category 1 and Combined Category stewards). This section of the NHJC website allows stewards to exchange ideas and discuss issues pertinent to stewarding.

NHJC Steward’s Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Steward’s Committee of the National Hunter/Jumper Council is to provide a national focal point for all of the stewards officiating at USA Equestrian hunter/jumper competitions in the United States. We recognize the authority of the USA Equestrian Licensed Officials Committee as one of the foundations of the USA Equestrian as the national governing body. We aim to assist in carrying out their mission as it impacts licensed hunter/jumper stewards.

Our Goals…

We aim to facilitate communication from stewards to stewards, stewards to associations, stewards to management, and stewards to the general hunter/jumper membership.

We aim to assist with clarification and interpretation of existing USA Equestrian rules, review of proposed new USA Equestrian rules, review of existing USA Equestrian rules, and creation of new USA Equestrian rules, all related to the stewarding of USA Equestrian hunter/jumper shows.

We aim to assist with the continuing education and testing of USA Equestrian licensed stewards at USA Equestrian hunter/jumper shows.

We aim to assist in the review and revision (if needed) of steward’s forums and procedures used at hunter/jumper shows.

We aim to assist competitors, officials and management in understanding and appreciating a steward’s role at hunter/jumper shows.

Our mission will be a success if the quality and caliber of stewarding hunter/jumper shows is raised to a higher level than exists today.


Q. How can I join the NHJC?

A. The NHJC has several membership categories. Go to Membership to get the details!

Q. How do I get a list of shows in my area?

A. As an USA Equestrian member you receive a Competition Calendar in January. In addition, updates are listed in the AHSA’s monthly magazine, Horse Show. You can also get horse show information from our website (www.nhjc.org) which links to the USA Equestrian website (www.equestrian.org).

Q. I would like to check on my points.

A. Currently USA Equestrian tracks both zone and national hunter/jumper points for hunter/jumper members. USA Equestrian has current point standings listed on its website at: www.equestrian.org. You can also e-mail them from that site with any specific questions you have regarding your points. Remember, owners and horses must be current members of USA Equestrian in order to accrue points.

Q. I just bought a horse and would like to get its show record.

A. If the horse is recorded with USA Equestrian , they track show records for members. You need to contact USA Equestrian at (606) 258-2472. Please have your horse’s show name, recording number, and, if possible, name(s) of previous owner(s). There is a small fee for each year of records you request.

Q. I would like to find out more about hunter/jumper activities in my area.

A. Hunter/Jumper interest and activities abound throughout the United States, even in Hawaii and Alaska! Start by contacting a member of your Zone Committee. Your Zone Committee is aware of the many hunter/jumper activities within your Zone and they can give you helpful guidance.